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Troubleshooting - what you should be aware of, what you may need to do

Troubleshooting  Is your house giving you trouble? Use this section to find solutions to common house maintenance problems. 

Catalog of Troubleshooting Items
A troubleshooting guide for addressing common moisture and energy issues.

Dealing With Moisture Sources
Identify the ways moisture is generated in your home and learn the steps you can take to reduce them at their sources.

Damp Basements
Because concrete is porous, moist air can enter the house through the foundation walls and floor.

Standing Water
If there ever is standing water in your house, take immediate action to stop the source of the water and dry out the area

Reporting a Problem
You have identified a problem and you need help. So, now what do you do?

How to Choose a Contractor or Builder
Hiring tips from the Department of Commerce.