Savings: Preventing water damage

DownspoutsThe water that falls on the roof of your house (in the form of rain or snow) may end up in your basement if your gutters and downspouts are not kept clean and maintained. Their main function is to move rain water and snow melt away from the house. Help them do their job and they’ll keep your basement and house dry.


Savings: Comfort

TreesTrees can provide shade from the sun in the summer to keep your house cool and a wind break in the winter to help keep your house warm. It is good to plant deciduous trees on the south and west side which shade the house when they have leaves and allow sunlight through in the winter when they have shed their leaves. Planting coniferous (evergreen) trees on the north side can provide a good wind break in the winter.

Ice Dams

Savings: 498lbs CO2 / $46

Ice DamsIcicles may look festive on your house during the holiday season, but they can mean that ice dams are forming on your roof. This is a sign that your attic insulation may be insufficient and/or warm house air is leaking up into your attic through your bypasses. Ice dams can cause roof damage and allow water to leak down into your walls.

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Central Air Load Control

Savings: 22lbs CO2 / $53

Load ControlAfter a simple installation, your utility will be able to cycle your central air conditioning off for fifteen to twenty minute periods during times of high demand (average 10 – 15 days each year). Since your furnace fan stays on circulating your already-cooled air, you won’t even notice when it’s activated. You can save as much as 15% on your utility bills throughout the summer.

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Proper Grading

Savings: Prevent water damage

Proper GradingSurface runoff and melting snow is a major source of moisture in basements. Making sure that the grading of the soil next to your house is sloped away will help keep your basement dry.

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