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    About Us

    The Minnesota Building Industry Foundation has created this web site to help resolve and answer consumer questions on a variety of topics ranging from choosing a homebuilder to maintenance questions.

    Our goal is to provide a reliable resource that helps homeowners maintain and operate their homes and to help consumers locate relevant information quickly and easily. This site focuses on moisture and energy related issues.

    Created in 1994, the Minnesota Building Industry Foundation (MBIF) is the philanthropic arm of the Builders Association of Minnesota. MBIF provides scholarships for graduating high-school seniors who are entering a homebuilding related field. The scholarships, combined with other projects such as Tools for Schools, increase the awareness and interest in construction as a career option. MBIF recently broadened its focus to promote research and improvement in industry technology and techniques.

    Each year, the Foundation holds events to raise money to support grants and research projects that help the industry progress. The Foundation also supports community service projects that raise positive public opinions of the industry and show that our members take an active role in the communities where they live and work.

    This site was created with funding from:


        Builders Association of Minnesota


        Builders Association of the Twin Cities


        Minnesota Building Industry Foundation


        Minnesota Department of Commerce


        National Association of Home Builders


         U.S. Department of Energy


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